Carpet Removal

Carpet Removal
People might say that removing carpet is an easy task. You cut a slit in the carpet near the wall, hold the carpet, and pry it up the tack points. Then you roll the carpet and done. Wrong! This is what we call the best-case scenario. However, in many instances, you will encounter problems. Sometimes the floor underneath is damaged, in other cases, there’s not even hardwood at all. Furthermore, it might sound easy to roll the carpet and take it out of the room, but chances are the carpet is way heavier than you had imagined and glued down to the floor.
Carpet Removal and Replacement in South Florida
We not only remove the carpet, but we can replace it too. Do you need someone to replace a carpet pad? Check. Someone that doesn’t leave staples everywhere? Check. Someone that can remove and install a new carpet without having to hire two different companies? Check. Get in contact with us through the contact form, or give us a call for a free estimate.
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